In 2018 and 2019, Brief was featured by Apple among the Apps We Love. Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that merges workplace chat with video meetings, file storage, attachments and app integration. Your teams can host web conferences on this platform, and communicate through audio, video and chat – with both people from within and outside the organization. A virtual dashboard lets them view activity scores, enable optional screenshotting, and set productive and unproductive apps and websites for each member of their team. Integrations with over 30 popular project management, help desk, and HR apps make Favro even more powerful for growing teams. This online collaboration platform gives managers, executives, and employees the ability to see and celebrate great work through an easy-to-use interface. Helping to create a culture where recognition is part of your day, Bonusly encourages employees to recognize their colleagues and promotes workplace collaboration.

  • In 2021 and beyond, distributed teams will need tools like these five for digital adoption, collaboration, productivity, scheduling and meeting.
  • Instead of being helpful, complex tools end up being a headache for the majority of the team members.
  • The company develops tools for meetings, feedback, goal management, and more as it aims to fill the gap for people management of distributed asynchronous teams.
  • If you have ever looked into project management software and online collaboration tools, then no doubt you’ve come across Trello.

Popwork was launched at the start of 2020, during the first wave of the global pandemic. Since then, it has gone out of its way to improve relationships between remote managers & their teams.

What Is An Asynchronous Collaboration Tool?

In this section, we will discuss a few of the top tools for async working, and discuss how collaboration tools can improve team communication. Firstly, what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools? Asynchronous communication tools facilitate the exchange of ideas between two people or teams in their own time. On the other hand, synchronous collaboration tools bring people together in real-time. For example, a marketing team can list down ideas for a new blog design using Google Docs and then jump in a Zoom call to discuss the merit of each concept.

When your team members are working in different locations, it can be easy for things to get disorganized or lost in the shuffle. Collaborative tools for remote teams help to keep all your remote workers’ deliverables, conversations and work organized in one place—even when your team is working in multiple places. Filestage allows you to easily review content with your team and clients on a clean and user-friendly interface.

What Is Online Collaboration Tools & Software?

Businesses are trying to get into this to keep up with the changing need of their employees and to adapt to talent from parts of the world. Try Asana and you’ll instantly see how incredibly intuitive and incredibly powerful it is. You can use it to manage basic to-do lists or complex team projects or map out each step of your largest projects. So, whether your team is under the same roof or across the country, instantly brings everyone together to share an idea, collaborate on a project, or close a big deal. Skype is one of the most popular and widely used communication tools in the world.

It’s pretty easy to get your team onboarded to Trello and customize it according to your use case, thanks to hundreds of pre-built templates it offers out of the box. Dropbox is one of the most popular file storage solutions with file syncing and sharing. HeyOrca enabled us to make the switch from spreadsheets — remote collaboration a clunky, outdated process, to a completely seamless workflow that enabled our team to work smarter and more efficiently. Trello is replete with deadline reminders and email notifications, plus; it can integrate with other tools including Evernote, Google Drive, GitHub, and Slack for a unified team experience.

Communication & Collaboration

Kateryna is a Content Marketing Manager at Daxx driven to help business owners make data-based decisions. Feel free to contact her with offers on content promotion and collaboration. Do you have any other collaboration tools you’ve been absolutely loving? It also helps them collaborate with their peers and colleagues about any and every change that happens related to the project tasks and processes. We’re a big admirer of Sketch, a tool that we think revolutionized software UI design.

  • The project is most likely to get delayed unless your team uses document collaboration software.
  • Managing remote team workers greatly means to make sure everyone is as productive as they can be.
  • However, large teams looking specifically for collaboration features would enjoy Basecamp’s flat pricing structure.
  • Remote working HR teams can also use Meet to improve their online training and communicate with job seekers online.
  • Let’s take a look at all of the features that this application has to offer.

Fleep is a web & mobile-based instant messaging app that allows teams to communicate & share files & information. It also has a lot of storage, integration options, & even a presence feature that showcases a team member’s activity. Flock is a communication tool that helps teams collaborate by allowing them to message one another, share files, & video conference. The platform is praised for its intuitive interface & convenient screen & file sharing features. This allows users to quickly get feedback from clients or other team members.

Best 8 Remote Collaboration Tools

Here’s a look at some of the virtual collaboration tools available to companies. Ultimately, it’s up to teams to decide which asynchronous collaboration tools to use and when to use them. Answering this question accurately is difficult if you’re eyeballing it. Estimating incorrectly can cost you valuable time and money – so tracking it in some way is essential. Good thing there are time tracking tools that will do it not just for you but all your team members. If you’re a small team or on a tight budget, most of these time tracking tools offer free versions that include team features.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Users can create tasks, use a drag-and-drop tool to reorder tasks, upload relevant data, set deadlines, outline main points of contact, share notes, and upload photos/documents to each line. Whiteboard features allow users to share, draw on, and make notes on blank pages, presentations, and webpages just as they would in a traditional office meeting.


Keep control over each team member accesses with Wimi advanced access rights management. OneDrive offers Android and iOS apps to ensure agents can use it even when not in the office. Timely allows you to set budgets for your projects and automatically deducts employee hours from that budget. Log time anywhere on the web – Connect your timer more than 100 web tools via browser extension and track time anywhere.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Asana is the detailed, mature version of online project management tools. Just like Trello, Asana has individual and project boards, and an option to create subtasks, but it doesn’t stop here. Makes collaborative working even easier for remote team members who live in different time zones. It offers the ability to record the video meeting, so those who can’t join can quickly catch up later. You can present your screen, raise your hand, add up to 100 participants to the call or drop a question in the built-in chat if you don’t feel like interrupting the conversation. Remote working HR teams can also use Meet to improve their online training and communicate with job seekers online.

Use the field of Airtable to attach important files, drop super long text notes, create checkboxes and more. Create a special video chat room and share the link via email, slack or chat. Get a simple toned down tasks lists for your teams to view and take action on. Basecamp’s user-friendly interface is well-suited for collaborative projects or simply as a gathering place for people to come together.

You can add different users to a document, invite them to share feedback, mention users for assigning tasks, or comment on a document when there’s a need. It provides you dozens of templates for various organizational documents like marketing plans, resource planning, project plans, etc. Using these templates, you can create essential documents in collaboration with your team members. For these reasons and many more that we couldn’t cover, is our number one recommendation for the best online collaboration software. Chanty includes team chat solutions, collaboration features, unlimited message history, and watercooler features.

The tool is designed to let teams organize, track, and manage their work. It is complete with video calls, project tracking, and handy integrations such as to-do lists, reminders and direct requests as its core features. By updating in real time, it helps project managers run a team of remote employees with ease. A digital space that helps in communication among teammates, allow them to share ideas, share comment in real time so everything moves swiftly. You can have all your team communication in one place wherever you go with a remote collaboration tool. When the teams are remote, they can use Slack channels for instant messaging and collaboration. It will bring all your team communication in one place making managing remote employees a lot easy.

There are collaboration tools for just about every aspect or type of business. Platforms like Notion, Monday, and Paper specially cater to team-related projects with their specialized feature set. These platforms are perfect for businesses of all kinds and individuals as well. Bit comes with a minimalistic yet innovative editor that lets you effortlessly create documents. The efficiency gets further boosted by coupling the editor and real-time collaboration features.

Best Virtual Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams In 2022

Gives you the flexibility to assign tasks to the team members and track the progress of each member. This feature eliminates the lack of workload clarity while working on an online project. Sharefile is a good collaboration solution for storing and sharing files that are built for businesses. There is no file-size restrictions and allows to share files with clients and colleagues professionally.

Like Zoom, Google Meet allows you a wide variety of secure video conferencing options across devices , including one-on-one meetings, small group collaborations, and larger group video conferences . Effective communication is a must if you want your employees to succeed—but it’s especially important when your employees are working remotely. With more than 60,000 customers across the globe, from startups to enterprise, 1Password offers a ton of features that makes your password management secure by design. With 15 GB of space available for free to every user, and increased storage also pretty affordable, Google Drive is the de-facto choice of cloud storage for many teams. The number one challenge companies face as teams go remote is collaboration and that’s where having the right technology in your toolkit comes handy. It syncs across all devices to make your notes available on the go, everywhere you go, and has additional features for organizing, archiving and listing tasks. HeyOrca’s social media calendar allows you to effortlessly schedule and collaborate on social media posts, manage content approvals, and report on your results… all in one place.

SuSlack is great and all for a communication app, but it isn’t free, at least not with access to some of its better features. Chanty, on the other hand, is free forever for up to 10 team members, and only $3 per month per user for its premium plan. The tool lets you manage meetings, plan projects and sketch out business plans with your team. Toggl Plan makes it easy for managers, stakeholders, and team members collaboratively plan and deliver projects. It makes collaboration easy with color-coded visual overviews, making communication transparent, keeping all work related information in one place. Karon is a work management platform for accounting firms and professional service businesses.