Ipc Hot and
Ipc Hot and
Ipc Hot and Cold Software for Linux / CentOS v2.6 LVM 6.5/ 5.6


– Copy repositories and packages into ~/.mv-release (this is required to get proper production)

– Install the Maven repository

– Paste in your package into the Maven repository

– Run apt-get install git -Q mv-release (the default should work)

– Run mv-release (or its dependencies under its names if they do not exist)

– Execute the “mv-repo” command

– In the ‘Maven’ folder you will find a file that will appear under the root of the repository, called ‘mv-repo’.

– Copy and run the mv-repo script to invoke the “launch with git” method.

– Execute the following from an elevated command prompt while in the terminal

– Run the script to build the Mavir Version.

– The MavirVersion will be automatically set in the environment variable

– when you run the start-mavir .

– Enter the following (in the first line it’s the start command of this script):

mv -S start, mv -D “$HOME/.mv-release”