Peugeot Cars in Kenya
Peugeot Cars in Kenya

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Peugeot Cars in Kenya was bought in a single shipment from the US.

A statement from the Dutch Embassy in London read: “In response to allegations that The Kollering Group is complicit in the theft of US taxpayer’s money, the Dutch Embassy in London today issued a statement to confirm that a British transport company has been granted permission to import large scale BV ‘S’ cars for British citizens residing outside the Netherlands. The vehicles have been exported via the Kollering Group to the Netherlands.

“This company will be responsible for the handling of all the vehicles taken from The Kollering Group, including the ‘S’ and ‘V'”

He added: “The Kollering Group’s ownership has grown hugely, with about 25% of The Kollering Cars sold in the last two years making it the world’s largest car producer.
“On behalf of The Kollering Group we have asked that The Kollering Group, in a public statement, take immediate and appropriate action to ensure the safety of all our passengers.

“This has been fully confirmed by The Kollering Group, who have confirmed that no significant damage has been done to The Kollering Cars and that there will no further problems like the one I have previously had as a passenger to the vehicles. The car will still be on display for public inspection on 25 December this year so don’t be surprised if your local authorities don’t agree to this move.”