The reason we need certainly to end Pitting Ayesha Curry Against Kim Kardashian Immediately

The Story

Kim Kardashian may possibly not be capable break websites, but damned if she cannot put everything on pause while we all panic about whatever she is undertaking then. This week it is the online aftershocks and Twitter tidal waves triggered by the meteor-like influence of her latest jaw-dropping nude selfie. 

How it happened? Well today, Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry began trending on Twitter. The Reason Why? Simply due to this tweet, which pits her against Kardashian in a battle of “bad girl” vs. “good girl.” 

The Snapshot

There’s 2 kinds of baby mamas/wifey….Choose sensibly!

The Lesson

Few issues with this one: First and foremost, 99.9percent of males will never be in times in which they’re selecting between Kim Kardashian and Ayesha Curry. Towards the good my understanding, not even Kanye western or Steph Curry provides that problem.

Second of all, decorating Ayesha Curry as an excellent mommy and Kim Kardashian as a woman of loose morals produces a bogus dichotomy. As many individuals on Twitter stated, Kim spends quality time together with her kids too, and for all we understand, Ayesha is sending Steph jaw-dropping nudes on Snapchat when the Warriors take road trips. 

Last but not least, this principle reaches ladies in general. If a lady would like to tweet a naked selfie, that is the woman company. If you should be uptight about this, that is your company, maybe not hers, nor Kanye’s. It does not color every single one of her activities, or preclude her from getting a wife or mummy. And let’s be honest… in the event that you appeared as good nude as Kim Kardashian really does, you’d want the whole world understand, as well.