Shock Absorbers in Kampala
Shock Absorbers in Kampala

Packed up by a large group of foreigners, mostly Muslims, they went on a drive to South Vietnam where a Chinese-made rocket was waiting for them. It’s estimated that they took refuge in front of a large military camp and the entire army was in the habit of taking over the area with their heavy weapons.

By Saturday evening a few hundred people were still outside the camp just yards from the main road. They told The Associated Press that they weren’t allowed to follow their usual routine of using roadblocks to get across their checkpoints. One woman at the camp told The AP, “We didn’t do anything wrong.” Another woman said: “I’ll never go back there, because they kill us every day.” And two more said: “You should stop doing what you do to us, because all this has already happened in South Vietnam.” At least 70 people were rounded up and taken away by the Vietnamese Border Guard, according to the South Vietnamese Foreign Ministry.
The video shows what seems like a Chinese man in a camouflage uniform is shooting his weapons into the crowds.

“I was saying to my brother I want to be a man in the army—I’m just like you, you’re too cowardly to fight and you’re too afraid to leave,” he said.

“He was yelling stuff like ‘Hang on, when are you going to die?’,” a man said. “I don’t have
Shock Absorbers in Kampala

Sitting in the front row of their host nation’s political conference in Kampala, the Americans are not only demonstrating their political skill but also their ability to move the needle in their own country. As a sign of the “American Empire” and an important reminder of the importance that the United States has felt in Africa since 1787, a large section of this year’s conference includes attendees from the world’s largest community of businessmen.

In the past week, more than 200 business leaders and former government officials, representatives, professors, scientists, diplomats and artists have participated in discussions and workshops here, as well as representatives from other organizations. This year’s focus is on the future and future of Africa.

Today, the annual International Business Congress (IBC) will take place in Kwego State from 5 to 10 in Kampala.

“We are making our country better, our economy more competitive so that more companies can come, our economy and our people more prosperous,” said George Kabakanababa, the CEO at Kwego Global Advisors, who has been working with business leaders to strengthen business incentives and enhance competitiveness. “And we are doing the right things to help the Africans have a future.”

The event was organized by the Association of Trade Producers of South African Leaders and the Alliance of South African Businesses and Businesses of South Africa (ATBCS) which is part of its global