Toyota Land Cruiser Vehicle Parts & Accessories in Kenya
Toyota Land Cruiser Vehicle Parts & Accessories in Kenya

In Kenya’s first African country, Nissan Motor Co. unveiled its first American luxury sportscar today. The Nissan Land Cruiser is the first American car to take the country’s road-proven V-8 to the top after making its first international appearance in the country. Here, our staff takes you on a tour:

In South Africa

Nissan Land Cruiser Photos

Photos by Nikita Schulz/Bloomberg

The Nissan Land Cruiser has an 11-gallon diesel fuel tank with three tanks of up to 5,000 litres, making it an ideal vehicle for a family vacation, a visit to a local forest or an event. It’s an economical way to travel even while traveling when fuel doesn’t mean a lot.

In the U.K.

For much of the century since the country took up residence in Europe, Ford and BMW made it a major global vehicle to share their production lines. This made them well-known among the English, French and German brands. Today, Ford’s new Land Cruiser is only available in the U.K. and can only be made in the U.S.

In the U.S.

“Ford Motor Company is proud to build on the pioneering work of Nissan Land Car Company and partner in driving innovation in the local car.” – Ken Livingstone, President of the American Car Association

Nissan Land Cruiser Production and Vehicle Types
Toyota Land Cruiser Vehicle Parts & Accessories in Kenya

The Ford Focus is a great toy vehicle for children, as it features a fully enclosed headless car and an attractive interior, while being quite fun and easy to drive. With only a 6in touch screen and a large touchscreen, it’s also built to handle the likes of the most demanding tasks: driving, navigating the world, and interacting with other vehicles. The Ford Focus also features a battery pack which holds about 6,000 hours of driving time.
It is currently in production in the US and worldwide.