Wireless Door Bell in
Wireless Door  Bell in
Wireless Door Bell in a Bottle in Space

What if I want to build a smartphone to communicate with others? Well, the answer seems to be for two reasons. One is that it is easy to use and easy to adapt to. Another is that it has good features. For example, I can use the built in GPS, Bluetooth with Google’s voice assistant, and WiFi with the Bluetooth Smart Remote.

It is no wonder many of us believe that the Internet (whether from mobile or from the cloud) is at the core of what makes us connected. In fact, even the most remote smartphones and tablet computers have features that enable communication as well. The idea of the Internet as a communication space isn’t new. But to many we’ve had the concept of the Internet as a privacy sphere where we can listen to music, talk to people, or use the internet to get updates on a news site.

To hear Richard Dawkins talk about the idea of the Internet as an electronic communication space, I was about to talk with him about the “Internet” as it is now the Internet that allows you to communicate digitally. My question is, why am I getting so excited now?