JQL represents Jira Query Language and is the most flexible and powerful approach to look for your issues in Jira. You can filter on any field available in Jira (depending on the selected project(s)). The most simple search feature in Jira is the search box at the top right of your screen.

  • Jira Query Language (JQL) is a powerful tool that allows users to perform advanced searches in Jira.
  • Copy and paste fields, operators and functions into the Jira search bar, as well as learn more advanced queries.
  • These words need to be surrounded by quote-marks (single or double) if you wish to use them in queries.
  • Parentheses will group certain clauses together and enforce precedence.
  • You can also search issues from the “Issues” section in the dropdown menu.

6) Loading the images prior optimizes the performance of query execution. Using “WAS NOT IN” is equivalent to using multiple WAS_NOT  statements, but is shorter and more convenient. That is, typing status WAS NOT IN (“Resolved”,”In Progress”) is the same as typing status WAS NOT “Resolved” AND status WAS NOT “In Progress”. Using “WAS IN” is equivalent to using multiple WAS statements, but is shorter and more convenient.


That is, typing status WAS IN (‘Resolved’, ‘Closed’) is the same as typing status WAS “Resolved” OR status WAS “Closed”. This operator can be used with the Assignee, Fix Version, Priority, Reporter, Resolution, and Status fields only. With end of support for our Server products fast approaching, create a winning plan for your Cloud migration with the Atlassian Migration Program.

This page describes information about operators that are used for advanced searching. As you can see below, parentheses can turn our example JQL query around. This query would return resolved issues that either belong to the “Teams in Space” project, or are assigned to captainjoe. Jira basic search is very simple, it have user interface where you can simply select the values and it will show you the results. You can add as many as filters and your results will be displayed as per filters. It is going to find all the issues for the user based on the current session and uses time to do so.

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You can create custom widgets based on JQL searches and display them on your dashboard, making it easier to track and monitor your work across projects. This query would return the same results with or without the parentheses. Parentheses will group certain clauses together and enforce precedence. what are JQL queries and how to use them Visit the Jira Software product guide to learn more about JQL, advanced search with use cases, and more. 12)  Make sure to define the error handler section in order to handle ajax error returns. When a 400 or 500 error is hit then this section will automatically get triggered.

The three flavors of search in Jira software — quick, basic, and advanced — can help you find important information about your projects. Note that not all fields are compatible with this operator; see the individual field reference for details. Jquery is a cross-platform Javascript library that is persistent on a primary intention to make web development easier to code.